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Mission MightyMe

Mission MightyMe Atlanta Equipment / shops
United states of America
United States of America

Backed by Science
We are passionate parents of kids with food allergies and one of the world’s leading pediatric allergists, Dr. Gideon Lack. Dr. Lack’s research has revolution­ized food allergy prevention and is transforming the way we feed our kids. His groundbreaking Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) Study found that most peanut allergies could be prevented by in­cluding peanut protein in babies’ diets - early and often. And subsequent studies, including Dr. Lack’s EAT Study , have shown this proactive approach can work for other foods as well. His research upended decades of outdated food allergy advice and led to new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommending early peanut introduction in infancy.



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